Welcome to our new website!

We are very pleased to be able to present our new website which is where we will provide you with an easy way to keep up to date on all things RMF.

We thought it was high time for our website to have an overhaul and we have worked closely with the experienced team at Matterhorn Digital to create a modern space which reflects what Russell Moon & Fail stands for – Community, Trust & Wellbeing.

Here you will find information about us, the services that we provide, details on our wonderful team members and information about the many things RMF has done and continues to do to assist the Mid-Canterbury district and community.

All photography was completed locally by Frank Visser and we think he has done a mighty fine job of showing off what Mid-Canterbury has to offer.

RMF will be launching a newsletter in the very near future in order to keep you up to date with new legal developments, legal matters that you may need to be aware of and updates about all things RMF.

Most recently Gretchen Hart and Jaxon Grieve, in conjunction with ANZ, presented at a seminar to employers in the community. The seminar, in addition to updates on developing areas of employment law and recent updates on employment legislation, explored what employers need to be aware of when hiring employees and discussed the disciplinary process an employer must go through when an incident has occurred. If you would like to hear more about events like this that you might be interested in attending, or you are interested in keeping up to date on legal developments, or you wish to learn more about areas of the law which might apply to you or your business then you can do so by signing up for our newsletter at the top of the News section of our website. You can also check back here to find regular updates on what RMF has been up to and access blog articles written by the RMF team.

If there is a particular topic which you would like to know more about, or you have some feedback about our new website, we would love to hear from you. Happy skiing!

The RMF Team

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