Time and tides roll on…

Time and tides roll on and during that process our life priorities change.  What was important yesterday is no longer today; what excited us and drove our goals/passions yesterday no longer does today – you could ask what am I talking about?

After 48 years, all with Russell Moon & Fail, and 45 years as a Partner, Gary Fail will retire from our Partnership as at 31 March 2018.  Most importantly for us, he will not be leaving straight away, and will remain working as a Consultant for the next three years.  We are lucky to be able to retain his wisdom and guidance, which is a great asset to RMF and our clients.  His retirement will be to Christchurch with his wife, Ruth, to be near his children and new grandchild.  We wish Gary and his family well in his retirement, but look forward to continuing to work with him over the coming years.

Gretchen Hart’s status will also change from Partner to Consultant as at 31 March 2018.  Gretchen has a need and desire to better balance her working life, and time with her two children.  Her retirement from the Partnership will free up significant time for her to focus on her children before they reach the dreaded teenage phase.  Gretchen also will, most importantly, remain working for RMF.  In that regard she will continue to be available for current and new RMF clients, and looks forward to continuing to work at RMF.

From 1 April 2018 RMF will be owned by Chris Robertson and Tiffany McRae.  We are committed to continuing with our core values of Community, Trust, Reputation and Wellbeing, and, in doing so, measure our decisions against those values. Our clients are a fundamental part of RMF, and we look forward to continuing our positive and enduring relationship with you all, both as clients and as part of the Ashburton community.

Should you have any questions or concerns then please feel free to contact either Chris Robertson, Tiffany McRae, Gary Fail or Gretchen Hart.

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