Some new legal developments…

RMF is pleased to have Claire Robinson back on deck after taking time off for parental leave. Here Claire gives an overview of some of the developments in the law during the past year.


It is great to join the team again at RMF again after a year off. It is also a good chance to have a look back over the changes in the law during the year.

There has been a real push towards making rental properties warmer and healthier for tenants. All new tenancy agreements are now required to have an Insulation Statement which provides information to the tenant about the house insulation.

At RMF we have clients who own many investment properties and also clients who are purchasing their first residential rental property. If you are purchasing a rental property, or need advice about your obligations as a landlord, we are happy to sit down with you and talk about what steps you should be thinking about taking to ensure that your investment is protected, and that you are providing a compliant property for your tenants.

There has also been a push towards making our workplaces safer. The Health and Safety at Work Act replaces the Health and Safety in Employment Act. The new Act’s emphasis is on everyone in the workplace being responsible for health and safety. Let us know if you want more information on your obligations for health and safety in the workplace. We can help you put in place policies for the health and safety of your staff so that you can do your best to prevent any accidents that might occur. However, if the unthinkable does happen, we also have experience in helping clients engage with WorkSafe New Zealand. We can help you through that process, and make sure that you understand all of your rights and responsibilities.

The Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 came into force on 1 September 2017. The CCLA repeals and combines a number of commercial statutes into one Act. It consolidates the existing law and does not make any substantial changes to the Law. However, your terms of trade or contracts you use for the sale and purchase of goods or supply or services may need to be updated to refer to the new Act. We can review your existing contracts to see if they need to be updated. If you do not have a terms of trade and are in business, come and talk to us.

As another year draws to a close, it is also a good time to check that your Enduring Powers of Attorney for Property, and for Personal Care and Welfare, and your Will, are up to date.  New legislation this year means that the Enduring Power of Attorney forms have been updated, to help show people all of the options that they might want to consider when making Powers of Attorney. For instance, you might want to specify that your Attorney needs to consult with, and/or provide information to, other family members about the decisions that they are making.

If you do not have an Enduring Power of Attorney or a Will, or would like to review your current documents and make sure that they are still meeting your needs, let us know and we can sit down with and talk about any questions you have or changes that you might want to make.

We look forward hearing from you if you have any questions or require any assistance. Otherwise, from everyone at Russell Moon & Fail, we hope that you all have a good end to 2017, and have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year break with friends and family.

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